[For sale] Nimbus 29" with t7, echowell cycle conputer & Kh railtype seatpost

I have rode maybe 5 miles on it max, and NEVER had a UPD. Everything is in 100% new condition, im asking 360 for it all plus Shipping and handling, or if you want to trade me some 137 moments and a kh frame, the price would be 100.


here are pictures of it.

THe pictures were taken with my cell phone, if you want more just ask.

Awesome uni I have a friend who may be interested.

But why are you selling it?!

cause it’s not his style he bought it thinking he wanted to get into distance unicycling and decided he didn’t want to… so now he’s selling it…



hes in the USA btw

Well unless Detroit suddenly moved to the UK :thinking:

If i dont have any offers by Thursday im going to put this up on ebay.

Det_riot, I sent you a pm. (excuse the silly question in the pm, I didn’t see this post until later).