[FOR SALE] NEW "Ninjas. Unicycles. Yeah." Shirt!

ok. This is one of the coolest shirts i’ve thought of yet. I’m prolly gonna order one. They’re at zazzle.com, just click the link in my sig.


there’s a link in my signature.
click on it, and it should bring up about six or seven different shirts.

Those are awesome but why do all the designs have a white boarder around them?

it’s digital…
it should end up being just clear… i’m going to order a shirt and see if they have the white border. I certainly didn’t put it on there.

Ok, I would like to see what the real thing looks like. In the smaller pics there are white dots every where then when its inlarged there is just the border thats white. Maybe in real life there won’t be any.

K, I must of had the “don’t show signatures” thing on…

I have a pic now!
Here is a picture of the actual lime green one.


Thats pretty awesome.