I won’t part it out sorry. Just wanted to make that clear up front. And I just am used to my current radial 36er, so that’s the only reason I’m selling this.

Standard Coker Big One
Alum seatpost (In plastic wrapper unused and uncut)
Coker saddle (In plastic, unused)
Coker Alloy Platform pedals (In packaging unused)
125mm alloy cranks

Has maybe 25 miles on it, that’s it.
Will be shipped in original packaging and will charge only actual shipping to US only.

Upgrades include:

T7 Touring bar
Linear pull braking system (Coker option)

$500 US. (NEw big one without T& [$65] or brake option [$60] is $440 plus shipping so this is a very good deal.

Will post pics later.

Edit: Would also sell it without T7 for $440. This is the base price of the Big One without the brake system or extra cranks, both of which would add about $85. That’s like getting the braking system for free. And since it came with the brake bosses and the brake system, that will be included.

So I’m also including an extra set of 150mm cranks. plus I:) won’t charge a “handling” fee to ship it.

Thats a good price.

Here she is. The seat will be the actual coker saddle and also the alum seat post, neither pictured. Also, the cranks and pedals pictured will be replaced with the ones that came with it, along with the original seatpost clamp. I’ll go ahead and post another pic later showing all the orginal parts. The only thing you’ll have to buy (on your own) is a 25.4mm rail-type seat post if you want the T7.

you have no idea how much i want it:(

Oh, I think I do lol! Hey, are you joining us for the Sullivan canyon extravaganza Sat, May 3rd? Adam, deano and I think most of the club will be coming. We’ll also be starting early and be there most of the day it will be EPIC!

Terry! “I wawnt thaat” - woman eyeing boat from Napoleon Dynamite.


is that a spare T7 or your only one?

why are you selling it (i know ur used to ur old one, but still!) :astonished:

hwhy terry?! :astonished:

Hhwell, yesh that’s my only T7. I plan to get the new coker touring handle I think. But I may just keep the T7 cuz I’ll need to have a handle regardless. Plus, I don’t have room in my tiny house for all the stuff I have as it is, so that’s part of it, plus like I said I guess I’m just accustomed to my radial.:slight_smile:

Well, i dont have any money, but if space is an issue, i’d be happy to take that T7 off your hands :wink: :smiley:

i’ll probably be there

Ok I’ve decided to sell the T7 separately, if at all.

So, I’m now selling my new coker Big One, with the brake and extra cranks, for $400 plus actual shipping. That is firm and I will also post it on craigslist locally. I know that this is a killer deal. :slight_smile:


Damnit! I would SO buy this if I wasn’t saving up for a car.

Plus watching it not be riden for months while I heal would kill me on the inside.

Yeah I think Jamey might want to buy it back. When I get time I’ll take pics with it back together the way it came, then post it on craigslist, and maybe also ebay. I know it would sell really fast there. Ahh, no biggie I’m in no hurry to sell it. I only know whoever buys it will be getting a damn good deal. :slight_smile:

Man I feel your pain, My 36er arrived last year two days after compleatley destroying my shoulder.

I am just thinking that it is to bad Terry doesn’t want to ship out of country.

I guess I could, but I’ve never shipped out of the US before. Would it be just as simple as taking the package to UPS and shipping it as ususal? As long as you’d be willing to pay what would probably be subtsantial shipping fees, I’d do it.

Shipping to a different country is the same process as shipping it within the country. Though they usually want the recipient’s phone number in case there’s trouble at customs. I know with Canada that if the package is marked as a gift then the person doesn’t have to pay extra tax on it when crossing over - this may or may not help with other areas.

Also, if the uni was manufactured in the US, he wouldn’t have to pay duty either.

terry, i am interested, but will have to wait for a paycheck somewhere around may 1st

Technically it is “used” so if you shipped it as “used bike parts” there would be no duty.