For Sale: Muni Profile/24" Doublewide/Gazzolodi/Nimbus 2 Frame

Mountain Unicycle:

Guarantied-for-Life Poznanter Profile Racing hub/crankest married to a black Sun Double Wide Rim, black spokes, 24x3" Gazzolodi tyre. Nimbus 2 Frame, yellow Odyssey Twisted Pro pedals. Used, but in good shape; few minor spots of light rust where mud might accumulate. Tyre has some life in in, but is heavily worn. No saddle/post.

Bomb-proof cycle; price out the parts and you will be up around $500- yours for only $300. Add your choice of saddle and post to ride a high-end Muni for an untouchable price!

Located in NW Georgia.


Bonus! buy this before my Dyno Fireball 24 x 3.0 Tire sells and it is included!

post pics