[For Sale] Misc. Stuff for sale.

Reeder(left hand)/viscount seat- $25

Uni.com hub with 125mm Bike euro cranks- $30

United 24 inch frame(pretty ratty looking)- $10

Bedford 20 inch frame powder coated black- $25

Odyssey GI seat clamp- Free with purchase of one of the frames.

buyer pays shipping.

OOH! Bedford frame! how much would shipping be to 96162, USA? PM me for details.

I’ll take the hub abd cranks, pm me with shipping to K7L 2K4 Ontario, Canada

How much for the reeder minus the saddle?

that’s a 20 inch? not a trials? right? i might be interested.

abababilbel- $10 for shipping

Beener- $15

Markf- are you talking about the bedford frame? it fits a trials tire.

oh i’ll be remembering that spelling for awhile.

i was asking if it was a trials frame, sturdier, heavier, etc. i have a trials, i’m looking for a freestyle.

how much would shipping be for the bedford frame to K7L 2K4 ontario canada? PM me please very interested

seat/handle sold
bedford frame sold
hub and cranks sold.