For Sale Mad4One M frame


For sale: new frame Mad4One M green for 240 Euro

The same I use for 3 years now.

Maximum wheel size 29x2.6, 27.5x3.0.

Frame has a small defect in tolerance for seat posts. It doesn’t really accept KH pivotal seat post, which came loose inside the frame and cannot be well tightened with single bolt clamp. It should work good with Mad4One seat posts and/or double bolt clamps, neither of which I am willing to use, therefore wish to sell the frame.

Currently the frame is in Europe. (For the next 2 weeks in Norway, also Denmark, later it might take a trip to Czech Republic, Poland, Peru and Chile if someone from there wish to get it)

I have also Mad4One seatpost, handlesaddle and many other parts. Ask me if you need more to build your uni.


umm i just looked at its cost new and its 163 euros unless i looked wrong.


Interested in your M4O stuff you have for sale. Sent you a message

194€ with tax in europe, but still…

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Yeh but those may not come with a defect, you gotta pay for that kind of benefit

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Ooh yes patina adds value!

You are correct. The frame is worth much less. I didn’t really look on the price when buying and forgot that I have purchased some additional items, thus being charged 240 Euro in total.

New one is less then 200 which is my magical threshold which makes me actually wiling to keep it and maybe give as a present to somebody in the future.

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Hi makym I’m sorry that your frame is worth less than first thought. I am interested in it if the price is right.

I’m uk based and looking for a frame to put my freewheel in.

I’d be interested in the frame and seat post if you have correct sized post or just the frame if not.

Let me know your thoughts as it will get the frame being used again.

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