FOR SALE!! Kris Holm Trials Uni

Hardly used in as-new condition! I’m listing here to give the forum members first opps, then craigs list, then finally, if necessary, ebay. Ships from SoCal to US only, will not part out.

This one is near pristine with only the slightest scuffs on the front lift handle and ends of pedals. Only $325 w/shipping & insurance included! That’s $220 less than new once you ad their shipping.

Edit: It comes with TWO seat post clamps; the QR pictured, plus the one that came with it new.

(Another pic next post)

Full shot:

do you have the stock stuff too? Im noit sure about the seat posty clmp. I dont like sngle bolt style.


What size are the cranks?

oh. oops. my bad.

140mm cranks that with it new. It’s all stock except for the QR which is an extra, as it will come with the regular stock clamp as well.:smiley:

Here’s a shot showing the original double bolt seat post clamp that comes with it also:

Hey Terry, Just felt like I needed to ask, did you happen to add that glitter on the rim or was that really the glory of your Uni for sale shining through?

Haha, that’s cool I didn’t even notice that! It must be the Glory of the KH!:stuck_out_tongue:

thats way cool. did you do that in ps?

Thats twice in this thread that you have asked something that was just answered before you asked your question.

This is a good deal. Someone should jump on this now. I bought my KH trials from Terry a few months back, and couldn’t be happier.

I thought that Jerrick had bought a 20" from you a while ago. Where did this one come from? (not that it’s really any of my bussiness)

This one looks like it might be an 07 frame with Onza hub and cranks.

Ok, I will attempt to explain all the recent “uni-glut”. The last two unis (24" dx, 20" dx) and BC were/are owned by a friend and I’m selling them for him–actually both DX unis sold pretty quickly, and based on several PM’s, so will the BC.

This same friend also sold his coker (the same one I sold to him about a year ago!) to my friend who lives in Lompoc, and also sold him the DX 24, both of which he has now. His parents only allowed him (Lompoc friend) to get TWO unis, so the KH trials he also had, was traded back to me for the coker!

A couple months ago, I had found him a good deal on a KH trials, and so he bought it from me. (Yeah, it’s confusing!)

Since I only ride my MUni and my 36er, I decided to sell the KH trials to get back the money I spent on the coker; I bought it for my Lompoc friend on the promise that he would either pay me back, or give me back the KH trials in trade. Whew! That was tricky!:stuck_out_tongue: So, bottom line is that of all these unis I’ve sold, I’m not making a single cent! :slight_smile:

sold! :slight_smile:

yea…my story is confusing hahaha

now we need to put up some pics for my avitar thingy…wish we’d gotten some pics during our SB coker ride

oh well, glad it sold…and so quickly too! :smiley:

Ok. Thanks for the update. My head is still spinning.

haha To me.
Thanks Terry and Merry Christmas

Thanks you too! Glad you got it and hope you like it and use it a lot!:smiley:

Gah!!! I hate being broke I missed a KH 20 from Terry!!! Grr…