[For sale] Kris Holm shin guards and wrist guards

I got them in 2012 for muni but never got the chance to muni in the end.
Both are pretty much unscratched and almost new.

Kris Holm shin guards (from 2012) size small.

Kris Holm wrist guards (from 2012)

$20 or best offer. Buyer pays for shipping.

One note. Small leg guards are for people approx 150-160cm tall.
I’m approx 166cm tall (5’5") and medium is the right length for me.

I believe it is small but I could be wrong and they are medium instead. They don’t have sewn-in label and my order history does not go that far back.

I am 162 cm and these fits for me and a bit on the too long side.

I measured the shin part of the guard to be 34 cm. The whole thing is 48 cm. In case these numbers are helpful.

Adjusted price to $30.

Adjusted the price to $20

What size are the gloves?

Gloves are small.

Here are more specific dimensions.

Shin guards dimensions

  • 34 cm long for the shin part.

  • The whole thing is 48 cm long.

Wrist guards dimensions

  • 10 cm (thumb to pinky when putting all fingers together);

  • 18 cm (bottom of palm to top of middle finger.

That’s was my guess by the size of the leg guards. Definitely won’t fit me but great price for the right person.

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