For Sale: Kris Holm 2004 custom wheel TRIALS. UK only!

Hi all, I’m selling a trials wheelset, spec is here:

Kris Holm 19" rim
Qu-Ax 127mm cranks, scratched from crankstalls
Kris Holm 8-spline hub
black spokes and nipples from

Not too sure on price, but am open to any reasonable offers, £50 ok?
Oh and most importantly, I can only sell this to riders in the UK!

if i lived in the uk id get this

pictures? i might want this

hey, i know that u said UK only but ill pay postage to post to Australia. I really like the look of this wheelset. So if no1 wants it in the UK then im here :smiley:

apperntly he had 3 other people after the wheel…
so hes probaly sold it

Still up for sale… Due to me wanting £70 for it, which isn’t too bad considering the rim, hub, and spokes especially are almost brand new… So I’m after only £60 for it, it’s in mint condition with perhaps some of the strongest unicycle cranks on it?

So yeah, first person to who wants it for £60 straight off gets it… I kinda scared away one or two buyers by saying I wanted £70 :thinking: when they offered £65 :astonished:

Anyway yeah, £60 for the wheel: Kris Holm 19" rim, black spokes, black nipples, Kris Holm 8 spline hub, Qu-Ax Kris Holm 127mm cranks 8 spline… (not to be confused with the weaker Qu-Ax cranks which come in 10 spline!)

So yeah, this is a mighty strong wheelset. Cranks scratched from grinds and crankstalls, but apart from that it’s perfect.

They are not the strongest out. KH/Onza, Profiles or K1 Isis are the strongest. But those arent bad.


[edit] Have you got any pics, preferably from different angles. but any would help people buy.

Hey dude.
Will buy it from you for £60. I get paid on tuesduy 25th april, so i would have to pay you then, but its only 4 days. That ok? Oh yeah, i live in bedforshire, uk. Do u have any pictures?

Rock on!

I’m interested.

Would you mind answering a few questions?

  1. Why are you selling the wheelset?
  2. What hight drops have you done on them?

Appreciated, AndyC

I was wondering that too.

Is this the wheelset from the new UDC “Hoppley” unicycle?


No you weren’t.

AYE I was.


Has it been sold?

It’s been sold apparently.