For Sale: Kris Holm 2004 Black Cr-Mo frame (incl. clamp) ALMOST BRAND NEW CONDITION!

Hi there, I’m selling a KH04 CrMo frame, which is in extremely good condition, except for one small scratch on the left leg. Not even the bearing holder clamps at the bottom are scratched! Pre-loctited bolts and washers, and brand new double bolt KH black clamp included with the frame.

^ All of the above for only £65, including postage and packaging!

It’s a steal to be honest… considering how little it’s been used, and the fact that they are almost impossible to get hold of these days, especially in such a good condition.


send me a PM if interested, and of course post on this topic too.

I might just include a couple of free CDs full of exclusive and never-to-be seen footage of Joe Hodges, as well as Defect… depends how quick you guys ask me for the frame! :wink:


I will also include a FREE Kris Holm aluminium reinforced seatpost with this.

You got any pics or details of this frame, its obviously heavier but i were just wondering by how much and also also how cool it looks in the black

The weight gain is not too much to worry about. Around the weight of a Devil frame I’d say.

However, the strength of it is the thing to be happy about. I’ve been told that it’s one of the strongest in the market (or was on).

You’ll find pics of it in my gallery, it’s virtually the same as in the pics, except for one tiny scratch on the left leg. Not even the bottom bearing clamps are scratched! :wink:

Considering you can’t really get this frame anymore, and that this one’s in such a good condition, for £65 including free extras, you can’t go wrong.

Saw some recent pictures and wanted to buy it to.
It’s a piece of unicycling history, realy nice.
But I can’t buy it, a shame though :frowning:


just keep your current unicycle, that will be a piece of uni history in many years to come.

What if I paid the extra shipping to Canada???

Hmm, i could do that to Canada. But first, can we give it at least a week to see if anymore UK interest gathers?

Also, it’s my secondary frame, as I’ve got a Koxx as my main one. That’s why I don’t need it, plus I need money for an Ipod.




That’s a huge disappointment for me and Mr Canada, it’s exactly what I would want, but I don’t know about the shipping.