For Sale Koxx One Tyre

Hardly used only a few times on a local skate park just something about it I don’t quite like. £12.50 plus p&p.

wait koxx one creates tires?
since when?
post a picture of it, because it isn’t on the K1 site.
unless you mean a Try-all tire which K1 uses on their trials unis

I thought it was pretty clear that he was referring to the try-all tire.

i totally was unsure… :roll_eyes:
i am just sarcastically pointing out to him he didn’t really know what he was selling

Oh so sorry for being slightly wrong like you’ve never made a small mistake before and like it makes such a big difference

I’m selling a tire that koxx use on their basic set ups, which yes is the tryall tire but its fairly obvious what I meant.

lol i would get it off you, but i really want to try a creepy crawler as my next tyre, see the difference… Plus my tyre is fine atm, well it will be once i make it bold :smiley:

Thats what i’ve gone back to using I much prefer it for when i’m trying more trials type stuff just seems more stable, the try all tyre was fine for most things but you had to be much more precise when hopping onto rails etc it slipped out on me a few times. Obviously this is not tyres fault as such but my skill but i’m sure folk understand what I mean.

yeah i understand what you are saying.

I’ve only ever ridden a try-all so i’d like to try sommit else to see if its better or worst really. Ridden a CC a few times but only very shortly, so i want to see properly.

Anwyays i’ll stop hijacking your thread and i’ll just say that this is a very nice tyre for the price, maybe for someone who only ever ridden a CC it could be a nice change :smiley: