For Sale, KH24 rim, KH24Frame, 24inchtubes, and a duro tire

For Sale!

Black 24inch frame from Bedford! (has some scuff marks)
And KH 24inch rim drilled. (good condition perfectly straight)
2duro tubes 24inchers (good)
try all tire that is ready to be shaved.
and a duro wildlife tire. (bad shape, like give it away to whoever orders the frame or rim)
oh, and some extra spokes for the khmoment/khdrilled rim combination. I will send these out for free to whoever buys something and wants the spokes.

I also have a semcycle girrafe for sale too but I think I will make a different thread for that item once I get pictures of it, etc.

got this stuff but I am not into 24inches or giraffes anymore, only 20inch.
so now it is for sale.

let me know if you want it!

go ahead and make an offer!

How many for the KH24???

could we have some pictures please!


hey if you have a giraffe unicycle email me at

k emailed you nick

and theres some pics of the frame up on

but if you want more just send me a pm with your email and I will email you a few more pictures