[For Sale] KH24" 06 DH $400

KH24" 06 DH for sale.

Comes with a BRAND NEW wildlife leopard 3.0 tire, and brand new vp studded pedals. Cranks are bent (If 10 was unrideable, and 0 perfect, this is a 3-4).

Wheel is in perfect true, and spokes are all very tight.

$400CAN -> OBO, you pay shipping.

Do you have a picture of the crankset? I have someone that might be interested if the work isnt too drastic thats needed. Also, are the cranks bent or is the hub bent at each end as well?

I will get the pic soon.

if it’s not bent too bad, you might be able to rotate the cranks a couple splines and it would work fine.

24" Kh

Hey Calgary how is it going? It’s Jamie from Edmonton. I was wondering if you still had that KH24?


I’m going to be relacing the whole wheel to a BRAND NEW kh07 cranks.
The guy who bent the hub graciously offered to buy me a new set. Since the rest of the uni is in immaculate condition, I’m going to keep it for m-uni.