[For Sale] KH 20" trials uni for sale

I have an almost brand new Kris Holm 20" trials uni for sale. I’m asking $325 for it. Let me know if your interested, or just want to make me an offer. My e-mail address is munimatt@yahoo.com My e-mail addy is the best way to get ahold of me.

thanks, Matt

what year is it? and do you have any pictures?

it is a 2005 model. I will post some pictures here in a little bit.



ok so that picture won’t come up…if you want to see some pictures. Go to the gallery and search for pictures underneath my username…mfrobert


I have 2 questions. I am not familiar with the Kris Holm Fusion seat, but what is up with it? Is the cover just not attached or has it been air-seated or is it broken?

Oh and it looks like it’s the model with the ridge in the rim too, eh? I have heard from people that they’ll replace that if it dies under warrenty right? Looks really nice though. I’m assuming the cranks haven’t been tweaked or anything right?


the seat looks like its not all the way on because i took a gell seat cover and cut it up and added to the seat padding already in there. As far as the wheel question, i’m not familiar with any problems but i’m sure they take care of any defects that are there fault. The cranks are original and in very good shape…

thanks, matt

make an offer

Hey guys my price on the uni isn’t set in stone. Make me an offer and i’ll see what i can do.

thanks, matt

… under warrenty right?


Most manufacturures only honor warranty for the original owner.

How big of drops have you taken it off of?

I SOLD the uni today

200$ I’ll buy it


Its great that you’re using the search feature, but you should really look at the date that the threads were posted. Also, if you read the whole thread… you can see that this uni sold 3 years ago.


double lol