[For Sale] ISIS Wheelset

Im selling my old wheelset and buying a koxx flatland one
It comes with a monty eagle claw tyre, nimbus isis hub, kriss holm momments
and the nimbus rim.Its pretty scratched up round the cranks but it
its still perfectly ride able.
Ive not got a fixed price and im open to offers.

this wheel set
with this tyre


What length are the cranks? how true is the wheel? any flatspots? What sort of riding have you done with it? How much riding has the tyre had? how much is left on it? Did you rotate it to even wear? You say its “perfectly ride able” it makes it sound like a reck. Is it?

Did you spray your frame white? Without taking the wheelset out? Haha

Lots of questions, alot of answers would be great.

Take a look at where he is.

Its only got scratches on the cranks
where ive pedalgrabbed and i tryd spraying part of
the frame to touch it up and abit got on the hub but it would be easy to get off i havnt done anything realy extreme on it
i used the tyre for only a month or so and i moved it round once.
and its UK only i forgot to put that in my other


ive got a koxx devil weal with striped cranks.

will you trade


later tomoz

a bit of rust on some of the spokes and i missing. haw long are the khs

im not going to trade
im going to get a flatland wheelset with
street cranks sorry.

and theyre 137mm cranks

i got the bits of spray paint off with some
metal cleaner stuff
so heres some recent pics i just took

Does it come With the valve cap? if not, im surely not buying…

EDIT: uk only…lamez!

i could post to america
iff you payd shipping lol :smiley:

If you delace the wheel I will probably buy the hub and tyre, if the price is right.

if they are 14G spokes i’ll take the spokes for cheap :wink:

just need someone to buy the rim and tyre and ur good!

Im good for buying the tyre (and the hub)

You just need someone to buy the cranks and rim. You probably wont have much trouble selling the cranks. What width is the rim?

EDIT: Are you selling the tube as well?

the rim is 42.2mm
and im not sure iff i will be able to part it out ill ask my dad later.

De-lacing is pretty easy if you have a spoke key. Go round giving each a 1/4 turn then a 1/2 turn then a full turn and so on untill there all loose. Then just spin off the nipples and whip the spokes out. Easy.

Hows £35 for the lot sound and i will come and pick it up


sorry but i just accepted an offer for the full
thing from my cousin whos just started so for
now its sold iff it falls through ill part it out sorry.