For Sale: Hunter 36 with WIDE hub

I’d still take a Hunter over the Nimbus anyways. Hunters have cleaner looking welds, and I like riding something made by a local craftsman. That being said, the Nimbus is an incredible value.

Why do you think that?

U-Turn trusts The Unicycle Factory hub more than the UDC hub. For whatever that’s worth and whether that extra trust is justified or not I don’t know. The Unicycle Factory hub is tried and tested for him.

For actual hub strength I think the outie threads like on the Suzue make for a stronger hub than the innie threads like on the UDC hub. The innie threads make the hub hollow right where the hub typically snaps if it were to break. But the outie threads are more vulnerable to stripping than the innie threads. Tradeoffs in both designs.

If you do win the auction and decide to use the UDC hub instead you might be able to sell The Unicycle Factory hub to U-Turn, maybe. He likes them.

Thanks JC!


Note to self: Get married ASAP.

Seriously, sweet ride.

@ ELARES: I never did thank you for those awesome pics!!!
By the way: what is the length of youre cranks, do you only ride on flatland cause I cannot hardly believe you can climb with this apparatus.
Would like to see you in action (pics or even better a movie)
Thanks again, Rob

You are welcome. Those cranks are 170mm. It is quite hily where I live. I use the same crank length as on my bike. I can supply more or better pics if there’s some part or parts you want to get a better view. Did you open any of those pics up to full size? They are HUGE. The one with the close view of the hub is my favorite.
I’ll post pics of me on it as soon as I can master riding and shifting on the fly. Don’t hold your breath. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know schlumpf even made 36" frames…I can’t find them on the site anywhere. The page says the frame fits up to a 29" wheel.

In fact, I think it was in the first issue of Uni Magazine that Florian said he was opposed to putting a geared hub on a 36".

Can you post a link to the frame on the Schlumpf site? Or is it a special order item?

Mr. Schlumpf’s web site seems to be working differently now than the last time I was there.

See this page:
and select “Price List + Order Form” at the upper right of the page. Then select Price List from the dropped down menu.
The first item on the resultant page is 24" or 28" uni. The next item is the 36" frame+hub+cranks. No full 36" uni is offered.

Hope that helps.

For Sale Hunter 36 Frame, ENDS TOMORROW

bumpity, bump, bump, bump

I would be interested in the hub provided it is undamaged and inexpensive.

The Tom Miller hub was developed from instructions kindly provided by George Barnes, who himself copied the original widened hub prototyped by Chris Reeder, to whom we all owe a big, hearty thanks (for the hub and the handle). Tom and I did a bunch of these in several batches and worked together to improve the process each time. The later batches used a stainless steel insert. Tom also tuned up the orginal Suzue hub each time to improve the bearing seating. The result is a hub with a hollow axle that has a larger OD than the UDC hubs. The welds discussed so much are amazingly strong and were carefully done to avoid affecting the heat treatment of the outboard parts of the original Suzue hub. The UDC approach uses powder coating which has been seen to hide and foster rust. By using proper installation procedures, there should be no problem with thread stripping for either internal or external threads.

The originally-tested hub as seen in Universe 2 is not actually a Tom Miller widened hub, but a George Barnes widened hub bought from UDC a few years ago. That is the one that did the 7.5 foot drop with Ryan. The UDC approach/hub has not been tested to that extreme, but has done the Alps and Laos with the touring gurus.

This particular hub (the one for sale) is from the earlier batches and may or may not have a stainless axle. If not, it is probably coated with clearcoat.

Thanks U-Turn for the detailed history of this hub. It is numbered 0008 and I think has no clear coat. It is in ‘as new’ condition. Never been wet and always stored indoors.
And, thanks for the many trouble free miles on the bomb proof wheel you built around this hub.

Sold. $265 (US).