For Sale: Hunter 36 with WIDE hub

Please see ebay auction:

FRAME and HUB only.

Hunter & Hub

What hub is that?

hub purchased from forum member U-Turn. If I remember right, he made it.

i’d imagine it’s a widened suzue hub.

It looks pretty nasty too.

The welding doesn’t make the hub look strong, I wouldn’t trust it.



It has been carrying my 200 pound body no problem.

hahah u turn made it its strong. and stop trashing this guys sale

I’m curious as to why you are just selling the frame and hub.

I am selling the frame and hub because I am a very lucky dog…

My wife gave me a Schlumpf 36 for Christmas. It consists of a frame and hub. Mr. Schlumpf does not sell complete 36 uni s. (and who would want to pay to ship such a machine). I’ve built a wheel around the Schlumpf hub using the spokes and Airfoil rim that were part of the Hunter based 36.

Hunter & Hub

Thanks. I’m now curious about the wheel build. Are you using standard length coker spokes with the Schlumpf hub & airfoil?

wow, nice wife.

Don’t know. I purchased the wheel-based-on-the-hub-for-sale from U-Turn. I re-used the spokes that were in the wheel. I don’t know how they compare to spokes on a Coker-company-built-wheel.


A 36 Schlumpf, is it too much to ask if I would like to see some pics if youre project is assembled???
I’ve just bought a Nimbus 36 and i’m brand new into distance riding.
Started 2 years ago caught with the trialfever but after riding the KH 29XC since september I slowly develop amusing the thinner air ( being higher up there).

wow a 36" schlumpf please get us some pictures!

happy to help…

Only a dedicated unicyclist who knows his stuff would buy this, cuz you need to add so much.

I wonder if he’s selling it to buy the new 36"–which looks sweet to me. Such a temptation to get one…

im gona bid soon i think its a real nice deal

That hub is made by Tom Miller at The Unicycle Factory. It is made by cutting a Suzue hub in half, putting a sleeve around the hub to widen it, aligning it properly, then welding it together. It is as strong as a regular Suzue hub. Probably stronger than the super wide hub available from

If you bought the same hub from The Unicycle Factory it is over $100 because of the manual labor in making it.

you dont swap a hunter frame for a UDC 36" one…

and hes got a schlumpf frame look at the pics and wot he said :stuck_out_tongue:

The welds look fine. They could be a little cleaner, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t plenty strong enough. I’m bidding on it, but if I win, I’ll probably use the UDC wide hub anyways.