For sale: Everything.

Selling everything, Heres the lot:

Muni wheel #1 specs:

Brand New Large marge
Brand New Dt spokes
Brand New Kh moment hub/Cranks (165)
Brand New Duro tire

Muni wheel #1 specs:

Torker DX 06 w/dimondback pedals
Brand New Kenda Kentics tire

Bmx/Urban wheel specs:

Brand New Primo Comet
Brand New Primo Tenderizers (pins taken out on one side for grinding)
Primo balance 7005 rim 36h
Kh moment hub
Quax 125mm ISIS tube cranks
WHITE Primo forged spokes

Parts and accesories:

Brand New 3 bricks of Dimond skate wax
Maxxis Miracle 2.2 tire (tons of tread)
KHE park tire (10 rides)
Kenda Kentics (very used)
Torker LX base
(2) brand new kh handles
3 used Kh bases
Nimbus aluminum post (cut to about a foot)
Schwinn cover
Schwinn foam
Various empire stickers
Viscount seat
Dyno fireball (tons of tread)

If intrested in anything above, Post or PM and i can take pics.

Make offers.

Why are you selling everything? You just built up that wheelset this summer.

i am claiming first dibs the bmx wheel. how much?
also 1 kh handle

I had a third shoulder dislocation about a month ago, No matter what I do my shoulder wont be able to take falls or the shoulder movments that I do when I ride. Plus I have other hobbies that are less demanding on my shoulder and I rank higher on the fun meter than unicycling.

300 Min for the bmx wheel.

Im interested in the quax cranks if torkerdx dosent want them on the bmx wheel.
Around how much would they be and are they the ones with or without the bolt?

Ahh that really sucks dude. I guess it is good to do something else that not as hard on your shoulder. Can you still ride bike trials?

That seems fair although I already have all the parts for one now.

I don’t ride bike trials, Infact I just sold my only bike. I found bike trials pretty boring and equaly hard on my shoulder.

Oh. I figured something like bike trials would be, but worth a question.

Will trade most of that stuff for a Blata 2.5 or elite btw.

Oh yeah, I have my yellow frame for sale as well, It fits a 2.1 tire with about 4mm clearance. Also a brand new WHITE kenda kontact.

how much for the wheel set minus cranks tire/tube, pedals?

Mmm…150? Though I don’t want to part it up yet. If no one wants to buy it together in a week or two then I will consider selling it parted up.

lemme see your primo’s

Well if nobody turns out to get those cranks I am next inline!

let me see a picture please. i might take the whole wheel. i need to do a little research to see how your price compares to what it would take to get what i want.

So could you put you some pictures of those cranks and what would the pricing be? if no one whats the whole wheel.

I do want some sort of trials/street wheelset but I’m going to look around a bit more-my friend might be able to get me one…

Will get pics of the bmx wheel tomorrow.

i thought you already had pictures of it up somewhere without the pedals. just knowing which pedal has had the pins removed and the color is enough

Yeah i have pics somewhere but its been used since then. The right pedal has the pins removed. Bare aluminum pedals.

How much for the m-uni wheelset?