For sale: EB cromo Bc wheel plates.

Why do boring distance riding when I can do bike trials.

umm, how is bike trials any safer than doing bc?

You rarley fall. With bc i fall 50 times a ride. With trials biking my hands are fixed in a safe shoulder position, with bc they arent.

Kinda sad about your not riding, but I know where your coming from.

As long as you keep filming those great videos and maybe get some footage of your biking. :slight_smile:

how many times have u dislocated ur shoulder?

Uni trials?

Once, But if i do it again its likley I will need surgery because after each dislocation your shoulder pops out easier.

Now everyone shut up, and paypal me monies for my plates.

how much are they again?

make an offer.

I saw on the front page after looking 12bucks, i might take em, how much shipping, i live in Nebraska, cheapest shipping.

main word might depending on shipping costs.

kk, the side stuff was 12 bucks, or the platform things?

How much are the platform whtever BC plates?

Make a freaking offer!

No less than 60 for the plates.

how do the plates work? i dont understand these ones. mostly because im a dumb ass

you stand on the plates and the grip strips help hold your feet down for hopping.

are you gonna sell your bc with the disc brake

No, its on my bike right now, its a really nice downhill wheel.

Do you take money order?

I’ll send you $30 CAD for the Twenty-G.

Your a good welderd and all and i’m not insulting you but I don’t think thoes are worth 60 bucks. It’s not like there made of titanium or aluminum.

I’m not going to buy them but a reasonable price Is $40.

Feel free to disagree and back up your reason for wanting $60.

You really want to wait 4-6 weeks for a tire? and pay more than the tire itself in shipping?