For sale: EB cromo Bc wheel plates.

Well, Lets see:

1: They are the best plates for hopping out of any you can buy apart from custom.

2: they are wickedly strong

3: Both plates weigh less than one bedford pro plate.

I can also have them powder coated for a small fee if anyone wants that.

Buy these plates and do this!

or this

Fuck you.

2 questions

What size of tubing do you use?

Around how much is the small fee for powdercoating?

5/8" .049 4130. Probably 10 bucks for powder coating. The wheel i had forsale did not sell on ebay, So I may be selling the plates and wheel together.

Dude not funny at all.

how much would the wheel and plates all cost together $100-$120?

You know you can get one brand new shipped to canada for 32-33 CAD.

That sounds good.

Comon people, I’ve got to sell this thing!!

120 + shippin.

Odyssey hazard hub, Hazard lite rim. 20g tire, Eb plates.

How much would powder coating be?

Il have to get back to you on that. prolly 10 bucks or so.

What would be the shipping to T2L 1W2 Calgary AB Canada?

Yeah, I guess I won’t fund terrorism.

I have to get a friend to order it though… I stopped using Paypal because they won’t cover you if their security is breached.


Do you powdercoat?

I’m guessing no, but since you seem to be sleeping on a matress of $100 bills, sheets of Cashmere and silk and a bedframe of gold and titanium I had to ask

Two of my friends go to a school that has an autoshop with a powder coating setup, They have done tons of bike parts. He said he would do some parts for me.

Send me monies!

No Send me monies!

P.S. Cool friends.