[For Sale] Coker with Airfoil rim and T7-USA only

I have this coker, it’s got an airfoil rim and T7 handle, very little miles, easily less than 500. I didn’t ride it to much and now it’s just no fun ever since I got my triathlon b*ke.
Make a reasonable offer and it’s yours. You pay shipping
If you want a specific picture let me know, otherwise I might get some better pictures up in a couple days.
Actually now that I think about it it wasn’t a coker it was like a deluxe 36er or something I bought it a couple years ago from UDC. But I call it a coker.
I can take off the luggage rack on the back or can keep it, it’s up to you.
That is handlebar tape on the front of the T7, it would be very easy to take off if you want.


can i buy just the handle if someone else buys the uni?

Yes, if someone wants the uni minus the handle sure.

I would be intrested in just the frame and wheelset could you give me a price?

ooooo, can i buy the T7???

I got dibs on the tape!!!

Do you need that dustcap?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

It’s still available. On friday I am going to part it out and the T7 and seatpost go to fatlardboy.

Check your PMs habbywall, I am interested in the unicycle!

hey interested

how much you asking, I am reponding form the thread you put on mine? I want the whole unicycle

He said reasonable offer. Get real.

Coker sold yet? I want it

Habbywalll, have you got this sold yet? I’m interested in the whole thing as is, no parts removed. Send me a PM if still available. My offer will be reasonable.

do u sell it yet!

hey habbywall, u did not respond from before, have u sold it yet. thanks mike