[For Sale] Coker for sale


I have decided to sell my Coker.

For the fussy, It’s not a Coker, it’s a Qu-Ax 36".

It is approx 2 years old, has done a paltry 367.1 miles from new

It has been rebuilt with a UDC Extra Wide CrMo Hub (by UDC) and has Bicycle Euro 152mm cranks.

It currently has a fat 29" innertube in it with the small not-car type valve (I forget the name) and I have the original, undamaged 36" tube and a spare 29" tube too.

The tyre is a “Wheel TA” 36x2.25 and is practically wear-free, I’d say it’s just getting worn in.

The saddle is a steel base with KH Fusion foam, cover and handle. It has generic wellgo style pedals in silver.

It originally cost £220 I think. I reckon £150 is a good price for it.

I am more than willing to post it anywhere in the UK, I could send it internationally but I don’t know how and fear it will be rather expensive.

Anyone interested?

PM me if you are.

Nice one.


EDIT: I have the images in my gallery, and thought I’d inserted them all properly. Obviously not. They can be found here


Just PM’d you.


Thanks everyone, it has been sold.

Nice one!


Oh Rats. I was still planning to sneak it past my wife.

Anyone else selling one?

Nae joy mukka!