For sale/ cheap 07? Torker Uni-star dx

It’s the one with the super strong frame… replaced it with the lighter and just as strong nimbus 2.

I think I mentioned this to some before, so if they come about, they have first dibs, but other than that it’s a free for all.

This thing was my learner, and is by no means pretty… not at all, there is surface rust on a lot of it, but it’s strong strong as hell. Good beginner.

Asking 50$. You pay shipping, and shipping, for the usa, is going to run you around 50-60 dollars. I’ve shipping a lot the past few months, and a yeah, seems it’s crazy to what it used to be…

Comes with semi worn down ody. jc plastics. I can’t accept paypal any more, but do money orders. I’ve sold a lot, and given away, so I’m a good seller. No worries there.

No pictures, sorry. Camera broke.

Willing to talk price. Will refund any shipping excess as well, will include invoice so you know what the shipping did actually cost.

It could be good to say if it was either a 19/20" or a 24":stuck_out_tongue: I’m guessing it’s a 20"?

Thankew jake, yes it is the trials.

I’m interested in the dx 20 let’s talk back channel