[FOR SALE] Cam Helmet

Selling a Pro-Tec style helmet with built-in video cam platform on top, with velcro and retaining strap. Helmet is currently a medium size, but you can get thinner pads for a bigger fit, or thicker pads for a smaller fit. Helmet is black plastic and in good cond. Can email pics. $15. includes shipping to states.
Pete Perron
soulskater(insert ‘at’ sign)netos.com

two questions… how does it hook up to the computer and can u email me some pics? maepickle@aol.com

Yeah…umm…buddy, I’m not sure about you but I don’t normally hook helmets up to my computer.

(No where does it say he’s selling a camcorder with it.)

its the helmet only. ill email when im back from vaca.

never mind then