For Sale:::__________BODY ARMOR

Old skool Roach gear…made in B.C

legs and elbows

50 bucks… FREE SHIPPING!




backside of legs.


what size, I may be interested. Are they clean by the way?

clean? well yeah, as clean as used and washed can be i guess…SIZE is med/large for the legs and the arms come in 1 size fits all.

ewww :astonished:


well, kerosine…natuarl gas and propane have all flaked bc they are (read between the lines) to lazy to lick a stamp and send payment…sorry i dont have paypal but…give me a freakin break all you instantani-ass buyers from the got to complete it now, cant wait a fucking day or two for check-out bum sniffers…

still for sale.

still for sale…gett’em while there clean.

if your reading this…they are still available.

…and its 40 bucks now…i need to move these out the door.

Your to tall And I dont want the elbo pads.


i bet your mama appologized the day you were born…

Just a heads up: your reactions to people don’t really encourage anyone to buy from you.

ive been on this board since 2001, who cares if scare off the easily offended and un-sarcastic uni-noobs. i dont want their money or their childish bullshit…i do have to thank them for bumping my thread though.

lol just read the new threads on general discusion and this one came up as : For Sale:::__________BODY

now i thought that was funny… never mind - sorry abotu the useless post.

LOL, your post is the best yet, i thank you… and with that i will close it…anyone who wants my armor, PM me and we can work out a deal…

Still for sale…PM me for a deal.