For Sale: Air LX with Kinport Handle

Hey folks,
Lately I have been riding my bro’s KH saddle, liking it, and now I am thinking I am going to get one for myself so I figured I would sell my LX saddle. Its black with the airseat conversion and it has Steve Howard Kinport front and rear bumper’s. The front handle has the hole. I’m looking for $60 CAD, but thats negotiable. If you wanted to build this yourself you’d pay $70 for the bumpers, about $45 for the saddle ($40 USD) and whatever else for the air conversion. This is a good saddle for any kind of riding.

I’ll also throw in a slightly bent but still entirely rideable post for $10. Its a GB4 22.2mm universal seatpost. That means it fits both miyata/lx saddles and KH saddles. If you don’t want the post, fine just thought I would try to unload it.

Buyer most definitely pays shipping.



would you sell the Kinport seperately i might be interested. Is it the closed or open hole handle. How much for it?

if i can see the pics ill probly buy it

sent u a pm

Sent u a pm about it…just pm me back

dont want to be nasty, but surely the trading post would be better :stuck_out_tongue:

btw that looks like an awesome deal wish i was inthe states.