{for sale} 29er unicycle

ok, at last!.

this 29er is great for trail riding and smoking down the sidewalk…the fat KH rim really makes a huge differance compared to the last 29er i had with a skinny Salsa rim.

i am selling it with 2 sets of cranks for your riding pleasure, the 170’s are bike cranks that i took the spider off of…they work great for steep, stable trails rides.

the 127mm are Nimbus cranks that i dont think udc sells anymore, they are really nice, and very light…im adding them only because i have another set…anyway, if you choose to mount these. you will be really flying so be careful.,but they are still stable unlike 114’s or 102’s so you can acually let your mind wonder while riding without UPD’s

the seat post looks really big because it is, it a new 350mm 25.4 post that i didnt cut because i dont know how tall the buyer will be…(makes sence to me)

the pedals are brand new Kona pinless JS pedals with a new set of urathane pedal protectors!

the picks are crappy but better than nothing…shipping on this item will be high since it measures out as “oversized” therefor, anyone with a buisness address for delivery will have an advantage over a residential delivery.

I will possibly take trade for a frame that has brake mounts for a 26" wheel and a seat tube bigger than 22.2


Nimbus X 29er Frame
25.4 seat posts (black, steel)
Torker DX, KH clone seat.
UDC 36 hole hub (black)
14g DT spokes
KH 29er rim
WTB 29er tube
WTB NanoRapter 2.1 tyre
170mm cranks and a set of Nimbus 127mm cranks
KONA pinless JS pedals
NEW green pedal protectors.


very long post…you have 350mm of cut options!

heres what it would look like if you were REALLY tall!

That makes it look like a 24" Muni!

that’s not a long post, it’s only like 9 words… :stuck_out_tongue:

Long compared to the thread that the title was . and the post was . with a picture of a KH trials, about $500 on UDC. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Not my thread!

what-ever, thanks for the bump.

$300 with free ship seems good to me, if your local and dont need delivery, i can do $210

dang…i hope no one buys this for a week or two…by then i will be recovered from my last uni purchase and have the money for it…

i hope somone does, i dont want to wait another 2 weeks. :roll_eyes:

will consiter trade in general…a 26 inch Hunter frame with canti mounts would be a good trade item start.

no longer availble in current form.