For Sale........26 inch Crusier wheel

whats better than building up a new wheel?? Selling it the next day!

well not really but this is only a couple weeks old. its a killer wheel i just want to put a 700c wheel on now. the 26x2.5 Hookworm floats over the pavememt like a limo.

UDC hub
DT Swiss 14g black spoke (cost me a buck each!)
Salsa Gordo rim (super strong X style double wall)
Velox rim tape
Maxxis Hookworm (99% tread left)

$150 shipped (usa only)


this rim is realy strong…


look at all that tread!


just curious.
Did you mean to include the cranks?

nope,… thats why i didnt list them for sale…or the frame…or the pedals…or my blinking light on the tyre valve.

Very smart reply indeed.

Can anyone think of a reason that the cranks would be expected as part of the wheelset?


<opposite day>
I guess the person buying the wheelset wants to hunt down a pair of cranks to go with that particular hub. My bad. It wouldnt be any easier to sell the cranks (so that the buyer need not make 2 transactions) and simply buy new ones when you order the new wheel. Or, perhaps I wasnt thinking of the fact that everyone has cranks to go with this lightweight wheel. They are “oh so common” and interchangable with the cranks I got . . . . will Profiles fit?
</opposite day>

You know - next time, I won`t give you a chance to redeem yourself. May the dust settle back on this thread.

Caveat Emptor!!!

I actually was gonna ask about that. HOW MUCH! I surely can’t find them locally, and nobody else sells them anywhere.

Walmart has `em. In automotive.


No longer for sale

If your taking the wheel apart I’d be interested in the rim and tire, rim is like $35 tire is another 30 + 10 to ship?

i wont be taking the wheel apart and i just traded the Hooky to DudleyDoRide for a Dyno fire ball last night in my freezing garage.

that was a good offer though, i would have done it if was going to take it apart.thanx