[For Sale] 26" Dirt Uni - $350

FS: 26" Dirt Uni - built in 2004
Made by Eugene Cathcart (http://web.archive.org/web/20050901030304/dirtuni.com/unicycle_custom.html)

26" frame painted Creme Soda Blue
Kris Holm Seat
Kris Holm Splined Crank Arms and hub
Sun Mammoth rim
3.0 Gazzallodi tire (not in pics, but will ship with it)
Pedals are beefy - not sure of brand

See Pics at:

This Uni is in great shape as I never took the time to master it. It’s been unused for a long time - give it some love!

Located in Bend, OR. I will ship, but am not sure of cost. I can take cash, paypal, or credit card.

Contact me at: jones_timothy@yahoo.com


Oh, man, I’m salivating. I knew Eugene when he was in high school. I had a Normal Unicycles sticker on my car for years. After I couldn’t find Dirtuni.com anymore, I thought he stopped building frames. Maybe he has, if this one’s from 04.

I know that’s a killer deal, but it’s a bit out of my price range (or it would be with shipping.

If it’s not sold within a week, I’ll eat my arms and legs. Then buy it