[FOR SALE] 24" Splined Muni

I’ve decided to sell my Muni, spec is as follows:

Nimbus II extra wide frame
Steel seatpost (22.2mm)
Double bolt alloy clamp with stainless thread inserts
Alex DX 32 rim
Duro 24"x3" Tyre
Stainless Spokes
KH Hub and 170 mm cranks ('03/'04 type, with nubs)
KH Fusion saddle
UDC metal pedals with pressed pins.

In addition, a pair of 140mm KH cranks to suit, complete with new bearing spacers bolts etc, very little use on them.

All is in good condition, the frame and cranks have a few scratches but nothing untoward, hub and both sets of cranks are totally straight with no play. Cranks and pedals have never been crank grabbed or ground on.

I’m happy to sell the cranks seperately, or with the Muni. Post here, email to jagman999 at hotmail dot com or PM me if you are interested, I probably only want to sell the Muni within the UK as postage elsewhere would be exspensive, but if you are prepared to pay that then try me. I’d be more willing to ship the cranks internationally as they are smaller and easier to pack. I’ve got a pretty good idea of what i think the cranks and uni are worth, let me know what you’re prepared to pay for them.

Pictures to follow shortly

Drop me a PM with price.

Rigth, I now have photos in my gallery, please note the pedals shown are not the ones it comes with, but they will be metal pin pedals as described before. Sorry about the mud, i will of course give the uni a good clean before it leaves my hands. Also some photos of the spare cranks, with the associated hardware. Please let me know if anyone wants to see any particular detail.

i have a question about the bearings. Do the KH 42mm fit in the Nimbus Frame with 40mm? I have been wondering about if the 2mm really makes a differece. Everything that is a splined hub is 42mm, but the (cheeper) frames are only 40 mm.

Yes they do, with a tiny bit of persuasion. I’ve been riding this setup for way over a year on some harsh Muni, no problems atall, you just need to keep an eye on the bearing holder bolts to ensure they remain tight.

what’s the price? I would like a bigger wheel and to be able to go off road when I improve! only on a 20" nimbus at present and finding distance too knackering.

price? im from uk could you post?
im interested if the price is right! :slight_smile:

OK, I’m looking for around £150 for the uni plus £10 for the extra cranks, or £20 for the cranks on their own. I would be happy to post in the UK or possibly deliver or meet halfway or something if it’s a feasible distance. The uni isn’t that fast but still alot better than a 20", my ususal training ride is around 9 miles, and the 3 miles either way to the park i ride in can be done in less than half an hour, the shorter cranks really increase the speed aswell and are fine for everything except quite serious Muni. Let me know what you guys think.

Pinwheel, I or a good friend of mine will almost certainly be going to North Wales in the next few weeks to ride Mt. Snowdon, i’m sure we could arrange a rendez-vous to exchange if you liven in the northen half.

More photos in the gallery, and I have now put this on eBay, happy bidding if you fancy it.

I’m unfortunatly down South Wales, thanks for the offer. Just had to put the car through MOT and all my money has gone, sniff. Good luck on the ebay sale! and on the Snowdon ride, I’d love to do that one day but I’m no way that good yet.

SOLD finally, thanks for your interest.

pants should have asked sooner

Damn, I was going to ask what you were going to do when I saw it hadn’t reach it’s reserve the first time round, oh, well hope she/he’s going to a go to a good loving home… a unicycle isn’t just for christmas!:smiley:

Yep it’s going to a very good home:)

Unfortunately not mine though, I bought it but it’s for my Dad.
I left my muni at my parents house last year and he liked it, so I thought he could do with his own.
Not sure if he really needs a splined hub but at least he shouldn’t have to worry about breaking it!