FOR SALE-24" MUNI w/profile hub

Yes, I am finally selling my unicycle. I fell out of the sport just as quickly as I fell into it and this thing has just been sitting around for years. I’ve got it posted on craigslist. Follow the URL below to see pictures.

I live in Bellingham, WA, so I’ll probably have to ship it. But if you’re local, hit me up and we’ll set something up.

This unicycle is in really good, rideable condition. It needs a home where it will get used. Asking $300, buyer pays shipping

These are probably very, very silly questions but…
Is it good for downhill? It sounds like a super deal but I do lots of rough terrain stuff and I drop up to ten feet. How well do you think it would hold up?
And, is it splined?

Yeah its splined and really strong, profile hub and cranks cost $300 on their own.

Sweeet!! I’m takkkking iiiiit!!!

you do 10 foot drops, go to moab and conquer a toilet house drop…
its priceless…

Wow looks really nice. If I had the money. Thats a Miyata saddle is it not?

yes its a miyata saddle.