[For Sale] 24" Miyata

This is an older Miyata that was ridden little. The original tire shows little to no wear.
Pictures show it with original Miyata saddle, but I’m selling it with a gray KH Fusion saddle.
$175 + Shipping

Another Picture

Another picture:

One More Picture

can i just buy the fusion sadle

pdc, what are the specs of this uni!?!?!

How long is the seatpost… is it s a 20"?

I’m at work, it’s at home so i can get the seatpost height later. It is just tall enough for me with the seat all the way up. I’m 6’ 3". It’s a 24".

This is still for sale, will sell with the stock seat or KH. Make an offer.

i’ll give you a buck :stuck_out_tongue:

where abouts are you located?

My zip is 22939

what country?

pdc is in the us

No reasonable offers refused.

i’ll offer you a peice of paper with ’ reasonable offer’ written on it. how bout it?

shutup jake

This is currently on EBAY

do you still want 175$ plus shipping? is that can or usd?

It’s on EBAY now. It’s currently at $138 including shipping. Bid away.