For Sale 24" KH and other stuff

As I remember, the were round, and pretty much identical to the Qu-ax, non-isis, hub.

Is that not obvious from the picture above?

More surface area so it can take more force. Much harder to round off.


if the hub it has got at the moment is not very good would it be possible to put a kh isis hub and crank set on it, and does it have mounts for the magura brakes? :thinking:

The hub and cranks on it are perfectly good hub and cranks, still a strong and good set, just a bit older than some others is all.

I see no reason why you couldn’t change the hub and cranks but that would mean building a new wheel, which is not cheap to do.

Yes it has mounts for the magura brake.

i’ll give you £15 and a £10whsmith voucher for it :p. Thats the only money i got for christmas :o

Like I said I am very tempted, I will have a chat with my dad and have a look around and maybe I will buy, I dont know wether I will use my KH29 much after though, thats all Im worried about.

Any idea what kind of fortune it would cost to ship to Canada?

On behalf of scott and bungalistic, the uni is now sold.

thanks james

thanks james i was about to say that sorry everyone else who wanted to buy it

Yup sorry bout that been away a lot past few days.

Item is NOW SOLD.