For Sale 24" KH and other stuff

Selling my 24" KH. Its the black chrome model with an alex rim, duro wildlife tyre, snafu pedals and the Kris Holm/Onza splined 2005 hub and cranks. Bought it second hand but have never really used it, so woul drather it went to a good home. £60 + £10 p&p to anywhere in the UK.

Also for sale is a black no named frame, with seat post and KH saddle. £15 + £5 p&p.

No p&p charge if buyer picks goods up or can arrange to meet somewhere close by.

I’ll post pics up tommorrow when I get the chance to get some.

aww no way! if i had money i would buy the kh 24 :frowning: but i just bought my new nimbus isis trials :). Great offers, hope you sell them

i would buy it iff i had some money
and im already getting two new unis for xmas =/
But iff i get any money ill pm you.

Im sort of intrested, how about some pictures?
Dane smith may well be intrested as well, if so I wont go for it. His screen name is speedwobble I think.

ill proberly def buy, but i more like to see pics and its condition Ect. ill prob pik up depending on the distanece, so could u tell me were u life so i can work out how far wether i need it psted or not,
but for now lets say that im deffinated intrested for the asking price, just need pics before i totally comfirm, if u would like to email me directly my email is, u could also send pics that way if u find it easy

i want it!!!

kieron already has a kh24 so ill have it, wait till after christmas when i have the money

it depends what condition it is in though
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Got some pictures for you all, here you go:

Coolest frame EVER made.
Especialy the 20" trial.
Sorry, see this as a free K I C K :wink:

Peter M

can u tell me ?
wat the distance from the seat to the pedal wen its at the bottom. i need to no or i wont be buying, im hopfully buying it for a miget lmao.

Those cranks look more like the 2004 Kris Holm square-section splined cranks than the Kris Holm/Onza splined 2005 tubular cranks. Which would make more sense as the Kris Holm/Onza hubs were fitted to the Blue aluminum framed Kris Holm unicycles.


How strong are those hubs and cranks? Im geussing there splined?

The cranks are splined yes.

I’m 5’8" and have the seat as low as it can go and it’s fine, I would say it would be ok for anyone above 5’5"

Actually yes you’re right they are the square tapered splined cranks.

Come again, a splined square taper hub? How does this work?

Its just a big chunky splined hub/crank is all, the splines or whatever you would call them are slightly squared off

There is no taper, they are regular splined cranks with pinch bolts, the crank body has a square shape as opposed to the round bodied cranks on the KH Onza cranks.

could someone put a picture? cause I still aint getting it.

Instead of all of the splines being arranged in a circle like this:

They are around a square, but I coudln’t find any close pictures.

why is ISIS so much better?