FOR SALE-24" gazz...!


Im selling my 24" gazz. Only been used once then hung on the wall. Im asking $75 CDN for it, thats around $59 USD.

let me know.,

I may be interested, how much will shipping be?

probably not to much, are u the one who wanted the 26" frame too? if so i can send the tire and the frame to u in one shipment.

i wanted $25 for the frame and $59 for the wheel. So shipping would probably be around 15-20 bucks.

let me know,


Yeah, so it’d be right around $100, right? As soon as I get my next paycheck, I could send the money off.


that sounds great i’ll figure out what shipping will be and get back to you on it. PM me your address.


I think I will just go with the frame. I have decided to get a different tire. PM me the final cost.