[FOR SALE] 2005 24in KH barely ridden

Hi. I bought this right after it came out only to find out that I really enjoy a smaller lighter uni not a beast.
please email me at DougC@mpx.org if you are interested
I would really like to trade for a nice 24in freestyle


How much you want 4 it?

ill take the tire off your hands and give you a maxis hookworm if you want its just as good as tradeing unis i guess acualy tire and frame its a bedford freestyle frame cus i dont want to pay an enormas sum for shipping my whole uni

Pictures please. Is it th freeride? How much are you asking?

KH Specs

it is the beefy one I don’t remember if that is the freeride or not.
It has a 3in tire and 165mm cranks




where are shipping it from?