FOR SALE: 20"kh splined unicycle for sale

20"kh splined unicycle for sale
hey everyone,

I need to sell my 20" so i can beef up my 24"!

so if anyone is looking for a trials unicycle im your man.
-Yuni frame
-Luna tire
-alex D32 trials rim
-KH splined hub and cranks
-brand new axiom trials pedals ( very light and grippy)
-i can give up my viscount and normal seat post if necessary

im looking for $275 CDN O.B.O

thanks for your time,


p.s. the right crank is a little tweaked…

im willing to go down to $250 ppl


hey check your PM’s

If you didnt sell it il take the frame.

this things still up fpr grabs people.

any takers? doesnt get any better then this!


hey i might buy it. How would you ship it?

i wish i had $250 this is just what i need.

but other people come one that is a sweet deal those pedals are worth nearly $100 if theyre the ones im thinking of.

if you part out i’ll probly take the wheel set…how much?

hey, hate to spoil everything but it’s already sold as far as i know ! to a local rider. (please note that this post is from 05!)

175$ and I’ll buy it

Interested in just cranks and hub, what size cranks?

this was on of my old acounts


HAAHAHHAHAHA Return of the ancient threads :astonished:

haha, how… and why do people find and revive these threads :roll_eyes: