for sale.............20 inch Freestyle Sem Long neck


48 spoked wheel
125mm alluminum cranks
Primo “Le Wall” (90% tread left)

this a slightly old pic and i busted the black rear bumper you see here,it now has a brand new blue old stock Miyata bumper.the other differance is a better seat collar.the big one you see was a shin smacker,now it has a lower profile single bolted one.

$135 and i got the shipping…trades welcome if you have a Brooks Swift or B17 Ti

here we go…

I wish i still had some money. (i love you muni) If this things still up in a month we may barter.

Jagur is that you?

The shadow does look strangley familiar…

yep, it’s jagur.

I’m considering it. I might have the cash in a few weeks, but right now I’m out.

Someone really needs to jump on that deal. Nice wheel and great frame and seat. I’d get it, but I just built up a nice freestyle for myself.

Good luck… Mojoe

btw, jagur… you have nice taste in bike saddles. I put thousands of happy miles on my B17.

OK I’m kinda interested…A couple of questions; If the frame is too long, can I cut it down to size? or does it have to stay that long? Oh yeah What’s the minimum inseam on it right now?

Jagur…Come back. I need you to answer my questions.

Jagur…Do you hate me or something? I just want you to answer my questions.

We’ll take it. PM me with payment information.

Ahh NO!!! I wanted it. Oh well I have a broken leg and cannot ride for like 2months, so you guys will get more fun out of it right now for sure.

For Sale…20" Freestyle

sorry to let this thread go un-answered for so long but i barely read my own threads or others since the great 3649 lock out.truth is i tried to reply to Eublapharis13 last week but was mysteriously unable to log in as “For Sale…20” Freestyle" so i let it go without further ruins the theme of this thread to respond as anyone else but i will make this exception for sanity sake…

i dont really want to sell it to someone who is going to take a hacksaw to it anyway but just for referance the minimum standover hight would be about 34 inches.thats measured from the ground up to the middle of the seat (with the seat slammed down as far as it will go) the seat tube itself is from the crown to the top 12 inches…

ive always wanted to have only one unicycle.selling this one would get me there but its not really worth much or getting in the way (it just sits in the corner) so im not realy gung ho about selling it.i just kinda threw it up there.

Yeah…I was just wondering how tall I would have to be to ride it. I would not want to harm a beautiful Unicycle like that. And I totally understand.
OH yeah thanks for responding though.

Hacksaw…? No, we’re hoping to save some money for a local club member, instead of buying a frame (of the same make and model) and building it up.

Did I mention we’ll take it?

Or did you decide you didnt want to sell it?

yeah you mentioned it,sorry.

i kept watching Daike Izumeda and thinking im going to do that on the Sem somday,…i just spent 170 on a Magura so i probobly sould sell it but 135 will disappear just as fast.i dont know?


Keep thinking.


Keep thinking

i have been thinking.? mainly about how 135 isnt that much money and i would probobly just waste it since i really dont have anything to spend it on right now.i guess it will just just sit un-used in the corner till im broke.