[For Sale] 2 Splined Trials Unis

1st one is a Bedford Frame: $275
2nd one is a Summit Frame: $350

Both these frames and cranks have a veined hammermill powdercoat finish, neither have been ridden since assembly.

Both have denubbed KH crank/hub sets.
Both have Alex DX32 Rims with 2.5" Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires.

The Summit frame has a Viscount saddle with a left hand Reeder and KH Fusion seatcover.

The Bedford has a crappy new seat on it. (I have a grey KH saddle available for extra $)

Here are the Summit pics:

Bedford Pics

Here are the Bedford Pics:

Custom Summit:

Custom Bedford:

hey im interested in the seat on your summit.

What an awsome deal… If only you would have been selling those in August I would have bought one…

Nice paint job.

But why is the Summit framed one $75 more if the only difference is a heavier frame and a nice seat? Is that a typo?

how much more for the KH seat on the bedford?

Another $25

I might be wrong, but I like the Summit frame alot more even if it is heavier. The reeder is also a $40 item.

I have pmed you an offer on the bedford

have the tires been used before? they look newish but some dirt spots on them

The one on the Summit is brand new, the one on the Bedford is used but barely.

That Summit is too beautiful to ride!

Im in love with your frames… what year hub/cranks are those ? (sry for my noobishness)


very interested in both bedford and summit frames. PM me with cost’s

What size bearings and if you’re willing, how much for one of the wheelsets.

I am interested in the Bedford unicycle… is it in CDN money or US??? and this is my first spined hub purchuse so i have a question, will it be able to hold up with jups like 4 feet high? i weight about 140…and how much for shipping to London, Ontario, Canada??

It’s US Dollars. I think the Bedford is sold, waiting on a Pay Pal payment.
Bearings are 42mm. These are very stong wheelsets. Right now I’m trying to keep these unis whole. I may part out if they don’t sell.

ok if u end up not selling the Bedford one just PM me because i am interested.