(for sale) 19 x 3.00" IRC Trials tube!!!

This is the real deal. Still in it’s box, IRC trials tube. 19 x 3.00 with a bolt down nipple, $8.00 US, you pay shipping.

Not to sound dumb or anything… but what is a bolt down nipple?

google it :astonished:

Sorry, I figured it out right after I asked. How much would shipping to Sierra Vista, Arizona be?

Probably about 10.00 canadian.

or you could buy one from trialsin for 7.50.

Not $7.50 Canadian and Tim charges for shipping too dude. Forget it, I’ll just keep it and use it at the beach!

Look what happens when you try to do someone a favor!!!

Notice how everything else on this thread is OBO. make me an offer if you think i’m screwin ya.