For entertainment purposes only.

So i was round my nan and grandads and i had my bike there from my paper round and my brake cable had just snapped so my grandad started ranting about how i can’t ride it on the pavements without brakes for a joke i mentioned my unicycle (26" plus 20") didnt have breaks, the next thing,

“Oh they arent road legal they are for entertainment purposes only and should be kept in the circus”

I have never felt so offended lol,

yes this is a pretty pointless thread


To realise you’re not the only one who is offended by people who think unicycling is for clowns. :smiley:

ow the ponce

yes i was quite aware of that thread.

ponce?? :thinking:

Oh ok, cool. :smiley:

Indeed lol, i love my grandad to bits but he is so narrow minded with stuff lol

I think its ment to mean a posh snob lol

ohhh…umm ok. :smiley:

But i don’t think i’m a posh snob. :thinking:


He’s just jealous.


Well, from a legal point of view, you cannot ride a bike on the path, regardless of the state of the brakes. This is regardless of age too, however, if you are younger than 16 then you won’t get issued a Fixed Penalty Notice.

A bike doesn’t legally need a brake even for road use, as long as it’s got a fixed hub. ie if you stop pedalling, the bike stops. You can see the similarity with a unicycle here!

A unicycle, however, is lucky and unlucky enough to be in a very grey area legally. It doesn’t fall in to the category of a carriage (bicycle, tricycle, velocipede or similar), so can legally be ridden on the path*, but, at the same time, it’s not prevented from riding on the road either.


  • see my post regarding Fixed Penalty Notices a couple of months or so ago

I have a bicycle with a fixed hub. When you stop pedalling… you don’t stop pedalling. It won’t let you. Think “Human Catapult*”! :astonished:

Apparently it can be done if you choose a low enough ratio, and you’re prepared to scrub the tyre. Otherwise, it’s like stopping a Coker when you’re riding it down the cresta run.

  • This is true: I was the British human catapult champion in (about) 1984.

I don’t think that’s true in this country - a fixed-wheel bike has to have a front brake to be road legal. I think possibly in the USA you’re allowed to ride brakeless if you’re mad enough.


Ah, yes, you’re right. Well, sort of; If a Penny Farthing isn’t a bike. If one wheel is directly driven off the cranks (ie no chain involved) then it doesn’t need need a brake. But if it’s chain driven then it does need a brake on the front wheel.