Its time to buy new shoes and I am looking for some fellow unicyclists’ feedback. What kind of footwear does everyone use when they ride and why?

I wear a pair of lightweight track running shoes, the grip pattern is very flat and even, but very grippy, so the peddal pegs don’t slop around in the tread gaps on your shoes,

I use classic vans. They are not big and bulky like the padded skate shoes, but they still have a flat bottom, which I really like. The tread pattern on the bottom is the same everywhere, and it fits into the pegs nicely. Also, they grip the pedals very well, and are very comfy and relatively cheap and athletic.

I have also heard a lot of good things about 5 10 shoes. I think they even associated with Kris Holm somehow. However, I have never tried these shoes myself.

I like vans too. I also have some etnies which have a bit more padding.

Five Tens are very popular in the cycling world. They stick really well to pinned flat pedals.

I use the adidas outdoor terrex solo shoes if i ride in the city or on not really high mountains. If i am really high i prefer high hiking boots like the terrex fast mid also from adidas (i am sponsored by them).
Adidas just bought five ten but i think both companys will still stay on there own and adidas already has rubber which is similar to the stealth (litte bit less grippy but doesnt wear out that fast).

No one is going to post up these, but I use a pair of Nike Dual Fusion shoes. They’re extremely light and the treads ensure that my foot is absolutely locked into studded pedals for muni rides… so much so that I had to take a little time to learn how to adjust my feet on them.

If you plan to ride any hardcore MUni I’d strongly suggest a more built up, BMX or DH dedicated shoe such as 661, FiveTen, etc… Not only for the grip, which is very necessary, but more importantly for the protection of your feet and ankle for the inevitable beating you’ll sustain. Take it from me, I rode around the Slickrock trail in Moab, UT with sub par footwear (left my good shoes at home! :astonished: ) and earned a stress fracture to my heel because of it and haven’t been able to MUni or run (my main passion) for over 3 months! While I might have been injured even with my good 661 shoes, I think the risk would have been far reduced. Trust me, I was young and made of elastic and rubber and took a beating, but eventually all that abuse adds up!

Five Ten Freerides are a nice all around shoe, not as stiff as the Impacts, so I add a plastic stiffener under the insole. I have ridden in two styles of Freeride, found them to be nice for shorter rides, but without a stiffener they tend to make my feet sore. I make my stiffeners out of plastic scrap cut from a cat sand bucket :slight_smile:

I just ordered a pair of these:

Non spd, vibram sole, fiberglass midsole, velcro lace cover.

Review to follow.

And yes, they are way fly, probably too much so for this old guy, but they’ll look better once I cover them in mud :stuck_out_tongue:

Five Ten

Five Ten Impact 2 Low - excellent shoes!
Five Ten Impact 2 High - even more! :slight_smile:

5.10 Impact low is just too much shoe for me for uni, I wish they would make a shoe that was in between the impact and the freeride.

I usually end up going with the 5.10 freeride for off off road riding.

For tooling around the neighborhood I have a pair of Nike trainers that have a mostly flat sole (Nike Air Flex Cross Trainer).

I’ve tried all the skate shoes but none of them have enough foot/arch support and end up killing my feet/ankles. The Nike trainers have been working great, and cheap to boot!

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

What do you get really high on?:wink:

Does your sponsor know you ride while high?:stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s 5.10’s, and then everything else. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used them but the 5.10 Sam Hill shoes seem like a midpoint between the freeride and the impact.

I loved my 5.10’s, but I love my Mad Rock Fury’s as much. Actually more. Only because I have narrow feet (10 1/2, B width). You’ll see plenty of people talk up the 5.10’s so I just thought I’d throw a good narrow alternative into the mix.

The Fury’s are stiff enough that I don’t feel the pedal through the sole at all, but I can still walk comfortably in them. Somewhere there is a post I put up when I got them, and now some time (and plenty of riding) has passed and the shoes are holding up very well. I suspect that I’ll have them for a couple of years.

So they basically have a narrower fit, even though they only come in “D”? I like the look of them and the price is reasonable, but if they fit that narrow, I can’t wear them. Even my 5.10’s had to be stretched in the toe area. And I’ve always worn a regular D width.

I meant riding on high mountains, riding high from drugs might be a bad idea.
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Do they really say that they are a “D.” That is not my experience. Before I bought them I called them up to find out about the fit, and the guy said I should be fine with my regular size since I have narrow feet. He said that most people upsize by at least a half size to get more toe box room. I like having wiggle room for my toes, but I can’t imagine riding in shoes that are half to a full size too long for my foot.

To be fair, it is marketed as a big wall climbing shoe/approach shoe. If you size it for climbing you would want it tight in the toe box to help with edging. So, maybe that’s where the get the “D”.

Honestly, if I hadn’t found these I would be wearing a pair of 5.10’s. If I had wide feet I’d be wearing 5.10’s. Since I have narrow feet I am glad that I found something that compares very well to my old 5.10’s without feeling like my feet are too small.