Whats a footplant? Is it when you jump up a sidewalk or something and put your foot on top of it, then jump off and keep riding?

you got it


Re: Footplant?

That’s what you get when a seed germinates in your toe-jam! :smiley:

would it be putting your foot on the sidewalk, or your pedal (that has your foot on it)?

The way I do it, and I’ve seen others do it is you do it like your going to grind on something, but instead of putting your pedal on the ledge or bench you take your foot off and do a small hop on that foot, then go back to the pedals of your uni.

Its kind of like doing a rolling pedal grab and intentionally landing on your foot and not the pedal. The time when your on that foot you can do some cool things like Crank Flips, or a Unispin.

I hope that helps


If you look up a thread called ‘an interesting twist’ there are descriptions of how to do footplants and some tricks you can do with them…