Folding @ Home update!

Hello fellow unicyclists.

This is an update on our Folding @ Home situation. I have recently upgraded my computer, and so has my father. I’m now packing an Athlon XP 2500+ overclocked from 1.83GHz to 2.05GHz. When I get a better cooling setup I hope to reach 2.35GHz.

Anyway, if we expect to reach the top 100 we need some more computers. It doesn’t matter if your computer is not top-of-the-line, it all helps! We’re currently sitting at 194th place and we are climbing slowly, but surely.

For any of you that do not know what Folding @ Home is, it is a small computer program that uses spare CPU cycles to do work units that figure out how proteins “fold”. When proteins “misfold” diseases such as cancer, alzheimers and others can ensue. If scientists can figure out how to prevent misfolding, they can prevent many otherwise incurable diseases.

For more information, please check out .

Our team number is 13392. That’s 13392. If you call within the next 60 minutes…

Merry Christmas/alternate December holiday to you all, and to all a hopefully-more-than-mediocre night!

Dang i havent even done any of that since like july so i guess ill start up again now that i have an extrememly faster Comp and an even faster connection!

         Merry Xmas All

Jeez, I’m doin’ my best. (team stats)

5 bucks to anyone who can catch me!


Hooray i left my comp running F@H on last night while santa was here and It did 30 WU’s in like 7 hours!!!

Hooray it’s Christmas!!!

Up To 50 more WU’s!!! That like 60 total!!!

P.S. I havent moved up in rank maybe im doing something wrong?

Make sure you have 13392 for your team ID so team CPUniCycles will get credit for your work.

It generally takes from 1 to 3 days or more to complete a work unit. What you’re seeing is the program displaying the frame count on its way to finishing a work unit. There are generally 100 or 400 frames per work unit. When it completes all of the frames it will upload the finished work unit and you will get credit for the work unit.

You can look at the project summary page to see how many frames a work unit has and how many points a work unit is worth.

Welcome back to the fold. :slight_smile:

Re: Folding @ Home update!

No Fair! You’re catching up to me too quickly. :angry:

I’ve still got my poor old Athlon 1200 (not overclocked at all). You’re going to be passing me soon at the rate you’re going.

Score. Now I’ve got my 2500+ running at 2.3GHz. (210Mhz x 11). It is reallly, really fast. :smiley:

Keep on folding, guys!

As of now 228 wu

Where are you on the CPUniCycles stats page? There is a Catboy there, but the last work unit completed was Jan 29, 2003. Are you going by a different name now?

Make sure you have 13392 for the team number so CPUniCycles gets credit.

wooo, from 14th to 4th since New Year, just because i have left my computer on a bit more. (celeron 1.7ghz) hope to install it on another computer in the next few days aswell, a P4 2.8ghz with a gig of ram :slight_smile:

team is up to 185 aswell

Yes, something very weird happened on 12/31. How did you manage to get more than 6000 points submitted in just one day? It’s impossible for a single computer to submit that much work in just one day. Something is weird. Did the Stanford server get stuck in a loop and count the same work unit over and over and over again? Have you checked the Folding@Home log to see what is going on?

i know what happened, i think. For the last month or so, it has been failing to send finished work units, results in, and it has just kept them all in a queue of results, which it kept trying to send. It hadnt worked for a while, and i was starting to get worried about a months work down the drain. Obviously this backlogged all went in on that date. Giving me a nice bump in score. I think about 15 work units went in, but im not sure, ill have a check in the logfile when i get onto that pc.

out of time for an edit, so:

at the moment i have three waiting for the results to go back, i get this message in the log file:

[16:16:54] Folding@Home2 Core Shutdown: INTERRUPTED
[16:18:53] Couldn’t send HTTP request to server (wininet)
[16:18:53] + Could not connect to Work Server (results)
[16:18:53] (
[16:18:53] - Error: Could not transmit unit 00 (completed September 28). Keeping unit in queue.

[16:18:53] + Attempting to send results
[16:18:59] Couldn’t send HTTP request to server (wininet)
[16:18:59] + Could not connect to Work Server (results)
[16:18:59] (
[16:18:59] - Error: Could not transmit unit 03 (completed December 30). Keeping unit in queue.

[16:18:59] + Attempting to send results
[16:19:58] Couldn’t send HTTP request to server (wininet)
[16:19:58] + Could not connect to Work Server (results)
[16:19:58] (
[16:19:58] - Error: Could not transmit unit 04 (completed January 3). Keeping unit in queue.
[16:42:11] 04)

it seems to try every few hours, and repeats the message, until it finally goes. Think it might possibly be a firewall issue.

Re: Folding @ Home update!

Finally someone has explained to me what that means!
Well now that you’ve told me, I might be able to help. I don’t have time at the moment, but when I get a chance to download the program, my Athalon 2500 could probably help out a bit.

It may have taken me a while, but I am now on the team! I don’t know when I’ll show up, but my user name is Warabi (too many Pacos). I basically leave my 2500 AMD Celeron going all the time, so I should enter the rankings shortly and help out the team.

Re: Folding @ Home update!

what happens if we get in the top 100?

until now, i suspected folding@home was some kind of spam. i’ve never read any of the folding threads too closely. i get very suspicious about installing programs that run all the time on my machine. but since JC does it, it must be ok.


edit: what does he mean by: "If you call within the next 60 minutes… "???

water cooling, baby…

@ Onefiftyfour: I was making it sound like an informercial. You know. They always say stuff like that.

@ Paco: I don’t mean to be overly petty or anything, but AMD does not make Celerons. Either you mean Intel Celeron 2500 or (more likely, I think) AMD Athlon XP 2500+. Just for future reference. :wink:

~~WAAAAAY OT: I am soon to be water cooling my computer. Am I insane? Perhaps. But it’s going to be one honking folding machine! I expect I’ll be able to squeeze at least another 100MHz out of my CPU. About water cooling… Water is much more thermally efficient than air, so it is only logical to use it to cool sensitive electronic stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Water cooling uses water pumped through various hoses and through metal blocks on parts that need to be cooled instead of using fans and air. It is slightly more costly than air cooling, but it “pwnz.” For those of you who are geeky and 1337 like me, check this link out:
You will find it most intriguing, I’m sure. Don’t be scared by the word “bong.” The bong (or more scientifically, the “cooling tower”) uses the power of evaporation to cool the water in the cooling system, not to aid in the inhalation of the fumes of various burning foliage.

When I get my system all up and running with water (in about a month, I think) I will inform you all.

Have fun and keep on folding for team # 13392. :slight_smile:

I’m almost done with my first work unit!!!

Re: water cooling, baby…

Good call. I was mostly asleep when I wrote that. It’s an AMD Athlon. I feel like I said a swear word when I put AMD and Celeron together, like saying you have an ‘IBM IMac.’ :astonished: