Folding a 28" wire bead tire

I found Sheldon Brown’s video on folding a tire. I tried this with an old 28" x 2" wire bead Big Apple tire and I think it’s too fat. Is it ok to fold it as a figure 8? I need to get it in a box that’s 26" x 26" x 10" along with my wheel and other items so I would like to get it as small as possible. Any one successfully do this? Maybe I should switch to a Marathon which is a folding bead tire?

I search the forum and found some discussion about folding tires for shipping but didn’t see anything about the Big Apple.

Wait … I did it!

This guy has a better video.

Just fold it into a triple loop, not a figure-8 double loop, and it will be fine. I’ve folded much heavier 24" and 26" tires than the Big Apple.

I even posted a pic of a folded 24" muni tire here.

Maybe practice a few times on a skinnier road bike type tire if you are worried about it, but it’s pretty easy, and I’ve never caused any damage.

Thanks MrImpossible. Your photo didn’t come up when I searched.