foforackard's awesome new steel seat!!

hey everyone. I broke my kh saddle’s stiffener plate recently. I was really tired of breaking my seats, so my parents finally let me order a cf seat base yesterday. But, today I got a call from UDC saying that they just realized that they were out of the cf(gemcrest) bases. :angry: . So I decided to make the best of my decision and try something. My dad has a 24" Schwinn uni with a steel seat base. I had heard of people converting these bases to there newer unis, which was enough to inspire me to venture into our our 120 degree attic, and find said unicycle. I finally found the uni, and was ready to try converting. First, I took the seat off the Schwinn and took apart the seat and got the base. I then took apart my kh seat and got the pieces that I needed (foam, bumper, handle, fusion cover). THen, i tried to fit the steel base into the foam the best I could, and it fit surprisingly well. the foam was a half inch too short for the base, so I stretched the foam out as much as possible and duct taped it to keep it in place for when I was going to put the cover on. I then put the cover on, and I thought it looked really good. I rode it foe a little bit and it feels a lot more solid with tricks like sideways ww. All i need to do now is wait for my dad to get home so I can drill the base and put the handle and bumper on(i will post pics of that later.)

heres some pics of the stuff I was talking about.

broken stiffener plate:

kh stuff that I used:

Schwinn base 1:

Schwinn base with foam:

full seat(minus the bumper and handle):

I will post some pics of the seat once it’s drilled and has the handle and bumper on.


the seat turned out to be not so awesome. I broke it tonight. Yep, two stress fractures on both sides of the bases.

Have you tried the Semcycle base?

I hear only a couple of people have ever broken a cf seat. Also you could add a GB4 stiffener plate (or just a aluminum/steel plate from a machine shop) and prob never break it :roll_eyes:

I just don’t have a stiffener plate anymore, haha.

Yes, its what he just used and the GB4 stiffener is for Miyata style seats not KH.

Kiss your seatpost goodbye, the bracket on top will be bent to heck if the plastic base doesn’t first snap. Riding a seat without the stiffener plate just isn’t worth it, its too flexy.

My KH stiffner plate broke exactly the same as that, I welded another plate over the top but that only lasted a few weeks then broke again. I wanted to ride it and not spend ages fixing it so I quickly welded it up again. next time it breaks I am going to fabricate some metal plate so it fits along the stiffner plate and down the side of the saddle a little to give it alot more strength, hopfuly that will hold up longer.


Yeah, mine’s cracked, and I’m not fixing it.