FNG to the site with a question

Just some history. 12 years ago my Dad tells me I’ll never be able to ride a unicycle. I bought one that same day and 3 days and worn out legs later I could. Unied on and off for 12 years. I just got serious again and bought a Torker 26" for more speed. I can’t idle very good and can only pedal backwards about 2 strokes on my trusty 20" Schwinn. I bought a Torker TX today because I wanted one if for no other reason. Do I dare try it yet and how in the heck do I mount it? Thanks. BTW, I can turn fine either way and cruise as long as I want without a problem. I can ride ultra slow…almost idleing.

I wished I had this sight when I was learning!

Thanks, I watched it but I think I’ll wait awhile. I do have it in my garage staring at me so the desire to idle and ride backwards will be even stronger.

munimanpete.unicyclist.com helped me so much when I was learning to mount, I didn’t realize that it had tips for giraffe unis, though.