FLYBAR is here..............

Well, it has been raining like hell here in Iraq and I received the Flybars a couple days ago but could not try it out because of the weather. Yesterday during lunch we had a break and I gave it a try.

WHAT A LOT OF FUN!!! I have one set up for my weight and only have the piston half way extended in order to get used to it. Soon I can extent the piston all the way and will be seeing the 5’-6’ jumps. Yes, it will be a bit scary!

The pictures are taken just outside of the door to my CHU (containerized housing unit), that leaks BTW. :angry:

Let us know how you like it, Duke; i was thinking about getting one last year and kinda forgot. Any plans to do a Flybar descent from a hovering '60?

Best wishes and a speedy return,


Don’t tell me you guys are out of ducttape as well?!?

Any chances of getting a custom camo-paintjob on that Flybar of yours?

That thing looks scarily nestled into your crotch. Well i guess we unicyclists are used to that.

I designed a pogo stick for my senior mechanical engineering project. It uses a composite “bow” style spring, instead of a coil spring, (or elastonomers such as the fly bar). A company sent me three of these massive springs, and If I ever get around to building one, I should be able to jump five or six feet, no problem (I actually calculated all this out).

(… or I might just use the spings to build a crossbow that can shoot down jets)

I REALLY want one of those. I just have a normol crappy pogostick.
I’m starting a pogostick team called Mega League Pogo!!!:slight_smile:

pogo sticks and plastic pink flamingo in Iraq…the media doesnt seem to report this kinda news :slight_smile:

You’re hot.

And this from a lesbian.

Thats got to look funny from the other side of the security wall.:smiley:

Cheers Dave

thats awsome, if i remember right didn’t you say you have 2 flybars? If wo whos you give the other one to tryout?

Its nice to see your wearing your helmet!.. lol

That’ll be awsome when you can get to 5’ or 6’

Why thank you. I am working out six days a week in addition to my Uni riding. It does not come easy.

The other Flybar is in the hands of another soldier in order to spread the fun.

Yesterday I wore my helmet, wrist guards and knee pads. I got around 4-5’ in the air and it is quite scary. Can’t even say that it was a lot of fun, one wrong jump and you will be flying the wrong direction. It will take more practice to get comfortable at it.

say, are those Hesco Bastions behind you???

yeah and if u check out the flybar site u gave us the link to in the other thread, u can see all the crazy stuff they do on them!! :astonished:
One guy does a front flip dismount !! CRazy ppl!! lol,

send us some more pics of u gettin massive air hehe

We call them HESCO Baskets. We also believe that the rockets and mortars that are fired at us are also made by HESCO in order to keep their sales up.:wink:

If you are interested in the Flybar you should check out

We do stunts on all different sticks and have crazy videos of different tricks.

Here are a few pictures of tricks.

Heel Clicker


Backflip dismount

Let me know what you think

Woah! thats really cool. I think I will stick with unicycling though;)