FLUCK pictures

I made a big ZIP file of all the Fluck pictures Sabine did over the days. You will find it here

All pictures are also availiable in high resolution, just request for what you like to have.

I’m having the same problem I had when I tried to download the street comp video.

It downloads part way then says it’s “complete” but then the file turns out to be corrupted…

Nice pictures.
But is there a fixed number of the pallets that were used there?:smiley:

@ forrestunifreak: very strange with your download. You should really try a download manager (like getright or something like that) than you can continue always after it interupts.
Many people can download it so it seems to be a problem of your PC configuration. The Server is for sure also very crowed in this times :slight_smile:

I put also some interviews online now.

As I know they used arround 1200 pallets :slight_smile:

That’s a lot :astonished:
What are they gonna do with them now? Burn them? They could always send some here:D

What does fluck actualy mean?

We could use this post to links to our photos, come on everybody!!

This are our photos ( there aren´t still all of them):


and here are Vasipaulette one`s (good guys!! :smiley: )


Thanks Olarf! Great work!

JDW, FLUCK stands for Fakse Ladeplads Uni Cykel Klub


Yes that would be great to post all pictures here and also more video stuff if there are some new videos.

So come on, send your links :slight_smile: