Fluck Live!

Ok, this will be our ticker thread for FLUCK.

We talk about news here!

So, next thing that will happen, is the construction of the trial parcours. We changed the position of the webcam (it is now outside). Building the parcour will start about 15:00.



That place looks really inviting. Just to think I’ll be there in about two days…

Due to high server load. We set up a mirror page, where you can watch the livestream:

highjump comp right now… its at 100cm

OK I acept two things:
maybe i’m ignorant, or maybe im just a noob.
What is FLUCK??
[some kind of uni convention??]

I just saw Miark walk past the camera, looking very shifty… I think he’s up to something.

As soon as I logged on it all went dark and they started watching a video. :frowning:

Ahahaha, I just got to watch Shaun dance to Thriller. Awesome, I wish I could be there.

I wish it would work for me. At least the webcam does though.

Are you trying to view it in firefox? If so open it in internet explorer (or the IE tab addon for firefox) assuming you are on windows.

If you are on Mac OS X you could try downloading flip4mac, I have no idea if that will help but I know that the live stream is in windows media format.

I dont use firefox, so I am always on IE.

FIrst I thought it was touble with windows media player, so I reinstalled that, then made sure my firewall wasnt blocking anything.

It worked the first time I tried days ago, but now when I go to the site. IT shows the video window, then says ready. I click on play, it says opening media for aobut 2 seconds, then goes back to saying ready.

one question… is dan heaton there?
someone who looked similiar got the highjump w/ something like 104 cm

Dan Heaton is not here

I Saw Someone!!! Get Back In The Camera The Alligator Is Scarin Me!! Do A Backflip!!!

I SEE UNICYCLES!!! And there was some guy sleepin in hte camera lol

Yes, big uni convention in Denmark.

I see a dark trials course…

I cannot see anything :frowning: except a neat trials part.

actually it is ok. i have decided they must be sleeping or maybe outside tanning.

i see some childrens.

i am watching children on the internet.

Its pretty fun watching it.